First Time Buyers

Congratulations! You’ve finally made a decision to plunge into the world of home ownership in Canada. This is probably going to be one of the most significant milestones in your life; therefore, you must ensure that you make the accurate decision the first time.

However, do not allow your very first mortgage experience to be mind-boggling – a dedicated mortgage brokerage firm in Canada is all you need. The firm would provide you genuine advice, counseling, and inform you of all the options you have to assist you in your new journey.

We at ATP Mortgage have helped a vast number of first time home buyers in Canada in finding the right mortgage that meets their requirements and financial budget. Our team of mortgage experts strives to keep the financial aspect of home ownership voyage straightforward and hassle-free. Choose ATP Mortgage for your first home purchase and gain access to exclusive mortgage prices.

How Can We Help First-Time Home Buyers?

Secure Your Very First Mortgage Without Any Hassle

Purchasing a property for the very first time is both a stressful and a thrilling experience. It implies you have already attained a certain level of stability in life and are prepared to invest in Canadian real estate. At ATP Mortgage, we would rather have this moment in your life to be as easy and relaxed as it can be. We want you to take pleasure in your very first home and not concern yourself with the mortgage or perhaps debts.

We Assist You to Make the Correct Decision

There are various procedures involved when buying a house and it is essential to have a professional by your side to steer you through the way. Our team will illustrate each and every detail, and respond to all your questions so you are ready and optimistic to make the correct choice that suits you.

Our First Time Mortgage Process

We’ve divided your first time home buying process into 4 major points:

The Pre-Approval: Get to know about the amount of mortgage and the rate of interest you qualify for. One of our mortgage specialists will help you in securing a pre-approval from the lenders we have on our panel to ensure that your shopping experience is as smooth as it can be. We are an independent mortgage brokerage firm, which implies that we are free to look around the housing market to get our clients the best mortgage rates in Canada.

Buying the Home: Ensure to include a condition date – give yourself a minimum of a week for finalizing all the financing formalities. This would be an ideal time to get a home inspection done.