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Commissioned Permanent Full Time

ATP Mortgage Corporation is a Franchise of The Mortgage Centre who are established since 1989.
ATP Mortgage Corporation is seeking quality individuals with the following experience & skills:
You are self-managing, independent and comfortable earning a commission income.

  • You possess 1 Year or more experience as a Mortgage Broker or 2 years Lending Experience with a Bank
  • You excel in Customer Service and are Honest, Reliable with High Level of Personal Integrity
  • You aspire to earn High Commission Income
  • You possess Lending & Underwriting Skills
  • You are registered with FICOM or have passed the required Mortgage Broker exam
  • Available on Full Time basis. Part time considered with special circumstances.

ATP Mortgage Corporation offers the following program & incentives:

  • We provide Full Training with Underwriting & Deal Structuring Help
  • Our Team Brokers earn Higher Commission’s than industry average based on their experience
  • Our Low Monthly Fees is All-Inclusive and includes free usage of shared desk, fax, printing our Surrey office location Low Monthly Fee Features
  • We offer Full access to all lenders accepting Broker deals
  • We provide access to place mortgages with lenders outside BC
  • Access to Special In-House “Commercial Lending” and “Private Lending” Program
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