Line of Credit


If you are like most of the Canadians, there would be situations when you will require additional cash to bear expenses. Thankfully, there is now a simple and affordable substitute for credit cards and personal loans. With the help of a Line of Credit, you only need to apply once to make arrangements for a revolving Line of Credit. Once it gets the approval from a loan provider, you are free to use it the way you want to. You can withdraw the amount you want with the maximum threshold being the sanctioned credit limit. Interest would only be levied on the money spent.

A Line of Credit is an excellent and flexible means to borrow money. It is likewise ideal for people planning to get their homes renovated, pay for education, repay the debt with a higher interest rate, and a lot more.

Here’s How Line of Credit Works:

When it comes to conventional loans, loan providers may ask you to reapply for the loan each time you require funds, consequently swamping you with high rates of interest, irrational repayment timelines, or heaps of paperwork. With a Line of Credit, you determine the sum of money you want to borrow, and then you can take out more at any time you like to till you exhaust your credit limit. The best part of the Line of Credit is the fact that you end up paying a lot lesser rate of interest as compared to a credit card or a personal mortgage.

ATP Mortgage Finds You the Best Rate:

Our specialists at ATP Mortgage collaborate with 100s of top loan providers across Canada, which suggests that we have the right solution for you, regardless of what situation you are dealing with. Borrowing money, often, is a strenuous process, which is the reason why we at ATP Mortgage aim to take the pain out of the documentation formalities. Our primary goal is to make everything as easy as we can for you, hence all you need to take care of is to take a look at the terms and conditions and make a choice. We take great pride in ourselves providing you the best interest rates for your mortgage in Canada.