Mortgage Rates

Our Rates

The mortgage sector is very volatile and fast-paced. Rates tend to change radically within just a few hours. Our team is quick to identify such variations and keep our clients up-to-date and informed all the time. Given that we don’t work for a loan provider, we’re not encouraged to steer you in a single direction. We’ll evaluate your requirements, study the market to get the best possible deal, and then propose the one which meets your requirements perfectly.

Term Our Special Rates*
1 Year Closed 1.84%
2 Year’s Closed 1.54%
3 Year’s Closed 1.54%
4 Year’s Closed 1.84%
5 Year’s Closed 3.74%
5 Year’s Variable Closed 2.25% (Prime – 0.95%)
Home LOC 2.95% (Prime + 0.50%)

*Terms and conditions are applicable. Rates can differ based on Insured, Insurable & Non-Insurable Mortgages and can also vary for Rental Properties. Rates are subject to change without any notice. O.A.C. E.& O.E.