Refinance Mortgage – Adjusting Your Finances

Looking for a better mortgage rate? Looking for a way to reduce loan payments in order to fulfill a new budget? Looking for other financing options to meet your future goals or to consolidate your debt?

A refinance mortgage has become very common amongst the residents of Canada these days. The reasons for refinancing the mortgage can be many but it is mostly to increase the size of your present loan or to renegotiate it.

We at, ATP Mortgage, are one of the leading mortgage brokerage firms in Canada providing best and competitive mortgage rates for refinancing. Irrespective of your needs, whether it is for consolidating your current mortgage or for obtaining a better rate, we promise to get you the best possible quote. Our team of expert advisors having vast industry knowledge will present you the lowest-possible rate to help you make a favorable refinance decision. We have a dense network of loan providers, allowing us to look for the lowest rates in the market, most of which are exclusive to ATP mortgage customers.

Why Should You Consider Refinancing?

Will Help in Getting a Reduced Fixed Rate – The interest on a fixed rate loan which you took a long time ago might have reduced considerably. Refinancing the present mortgage is going to entitle you to reap the benefits of a lowered rate of interest..

Switching to a Fixed-rate Mortgage – The rates of interest on an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) could be lower at first, however the variances are unanticipated. A lot of people find these kinds of continuous variations in the rate of interest stressful and opt to refinance the mortgage into a safe, fixed rate option.

Consolidating Multiple Mortgage Loans into One – Having to pay the installments of multiple loans simultaneously is often a huge burden on a lot of people. The great way forward in this situation is to consolidate those mortgages into one, with a fixed rate of interest to be paid every month and a longer payback timeframe.

Repay Other Debts – The revenue from your refinanced mortgage loan can be useful in paying off your credit card bills along with other related expenses. Given that mortgage rate of interest is 100% tax deductible, you find yourself saving a lot.

Make Cash Provisions for Urgent Situations – You can refinance your present mortgage to free an increased sum of money, in accordance with your home value. Considering that a mortgage is a properly-secured loan, the rate of interest levied is significantly lesser than that of an unsecured mortgage.

Is Now an Ideal Time to Refinance?

Our team of expert mortgage advisors helps you in deciding whether it is the best time for you to opt for mortgage refinancing. The decision to refinance needs to be meticulously assessed to prevent any kind of problems in the future. By thoroughly understanding the situation of your present mortgage and comparing it to your earnings along with other debts, we assist you in picking the refinance option that perfectly suits your present monetary status as well as the needs of the future.


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